Miami Short Term Rental Management


Miami’s short-term rental market is booming, demanding meticulous property management for guest satisfaction, maintenance, and legal adherence. At Bella Vista Properties International, we specialize in STR property management in Miami, FL.


Understanding local regulations and market trends, we offer tailored solutions to maximize property performance while providing peace of mind for property owners.


Partner with us and watch your investment thrive!

Our Services

Property Listing Optimization

Engaging titles, descriptions, and professional photography enhance property appeal, driving increased bookings.

Guest Communication and Booking Management

Prompt responses and efficient reservation handling ensure a seamless booking experience, leaving lasting impressions.

Property Maintenance and Housekeeping

Regular cleaning schedules and rapid responses to repairs uphold high standards, building guest trust and enhancing property reputation.

Dynamic Pricing Strategies

Monitoring market trends and adjusting rates for special events ensure cost-efficiency and attract more guests, boosting property profitability.

Unit Property Onboarding Services

Guest Satisfaction and Reviews

Our commitment to guest satisfaction begins with personalized experiences. From warm welcome messages to curated local recommendations, we ensure every stay is memorable.

We value guest feedback and swiftly implement improvements, leveraging data analytics to tailor our services and elevate guest satisfaction. These strategies not only enhance experiences but also strengthen your property’s standing in Miami’s competitive rental market.

Legal Compliance and Regulations in Miami

As part of our short-term rental management, we meticulously navigate local laws and regulations. Our team remains vigilant, monitoring updates and communicating directly with authorities to ensure compliance.

We manage tax obligations and handle all necessary paperwork for permits and licenses, saving you valuable time while upholding legal standards for a secure operating environment.

Occupancy and Revenue Management

Technology Integration

  • Cutting-edge Technology
    Reservation tracking, maintenance scheduling, and financial administration streamline operations and enhance management processes.


  • Online Booking Platforms and Channel Management
    Maximizing property exposure and attracting diverse guests through popular channels.


  • Security Measures
    Secure payment gateways and access control protocols safeguard guest information and property assets, fostering confidence and reliability.

Why Choose BVPI for Short-Term Rentals in Miami?

  • Extensive Experience
    Years of dedicated service equip us with expert knowledge and strategies for effective property management in Miami.


  • Testimonials and Success Stories
    Positive client feedback reflects the quality of service provided to property owners across Miami.


  • Flexible Service Plans and Transparent Pricing Models
    Customized plans with transparent pricing ensure informed decision-making.
Occupancy and Revenue Management

Getting Started

  • Simple Onboarding Process
    Seamless onboarding with basic property details handled by our team.


  • Personalized Consultation and Assessment
    Comprehensive analysis to identify property strengths and challenges.


  • Tailored Management Plans
    Customized plans for various property types to maximize performance.

Areas We Serve

We serve whole Miami and key Florida regions, including Orlando, North Port, maximizing the potential of your investment.

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Stringent security measures, encrypted communications, and regular audits ensure guest privacy.

Feedback analysis, necessary enhancements, and guest engagement to turn negative experiences into positive ones.

Proactive maintenance schedules and emergency response systems ensure property upkeep year-round.