Management Solutions for Rental Property Managers


BVPI has an in-house team of experienced professionals including an outsourced team who manages all aspects of property management for vacation rentals. One of BVPI partners is based offshore with over 15 years of experience running a VA agency and specializes in back-office services.

At BVPI, we not only offer property management services to homeowners, we also provide white label virtual property management services to property managers who either struggle with growth or want to use a professional team of VAs without having the hassle of managing the VAs. 

If you’re looking to grow your vacation rental business, connect with us today and share your requirements.

Virtual Property Management Solution

We work with Property Managers helping them virtually with everything from managing the PMS, to generating revenue, improving listings and managing 24/7 Guest Concierge. This also includes Cleaning and Maintenance Coordination, Ensuring Inventory is complete and Bookkeeping.

Area Analysis for
STR Profitability

Creating new listings and SEO optimizing all listings

Integrating your existing accounts with our PMS

Revenue, Occupancy and Dynamic Pricing

Guest Communication with 24/7/365 Support

Cleaning and Maintenance Teams Management

Supply Management and ordering new items

Bookkeeping and Vendor Payment Management

Direct Bookings and Website Marketing

Stand-alone Property Management Services

We work with Property Managers helping them virtually with everything from managing the PMS, to generating revenue, improving listings and managing 24/7 Guest Concierge. This also includes Cleaning and Maintenance Coordination, Ensuring Inventory is complete and Bookkeeping.

Unit Property Onboarding Services

Unit/Property Onboarding Services

Once you have finalized a property that you want to arbitrage or invest and are ready to put them live, you can use this service to start making money from your Short Term Rental business. This includes:

  • Creating new listings on Airbnb,, VRBO and Expedia 
  • Writing SEO friendly content for all the listings
  • Pricing Configuration using Pricelabs with a one-time research and setup

Occupancy and Revenue Management

If you’re looking for a revenue manager to make sure you get the maximum revenue out of your short term or mid term rental property, you can use this service. This includes:

  • Research and Initial Configuration with Pricelabs
  • In Dept Market Research to ensure your Listings are booked at maximum Occupancy with a best possible pricing model
  • Day to Day changes in pricing based on demand and market trends 
  • Ensure your listings show on first page of OTA results
  • Taking ownership of the revenue target and over achieve it
Occupancy and Revenue Management

Operations Management with 24/7/365 Support

Short Term Rental Management can be very exhausting if you are managing guest communication and coordination with the cleaners yourself. With this service, you can delegate guest concierge to our expert VAs and focus on onboarding more properties. We work 24/7/365 to make sure you enjoy a hassle free life while building your business. This includes:

  • Configuring our Hostaway account with your listings
  • Answering inquiries, check-in assistance, complaints or any other requests
  • Setting up automated messages to ensure great guest experience and smooth check-in, Stay & check-out
  • Answering messages via OTAs, Phone Calls and Text Messages
  • Managing discounts and special requests
  • Coordinating with Cleaning Crew for check-out cleans and last minute bookings
  • Organizing cleaning checklists and integrating them into automated system to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Accommodating early check-in or late check-out requests with cleaning team
  • Handling maintenance issues highlighted by the cleaning team or guests
  • Coordinating with handymen and other vendors
  • Ordering new supplies through your amazon account as needed.
  • Ensuring 5 star guest experience resulting in 5 star reviews
  • Offering extra value, discounts or refunds when a guest has a poor experience to avoid poor reviews
  • Handling claims and damages with guests and OTAs
Bookkeeping and Vendor Payment Management

Bookkeeping and Vendor Payment Management

Bookkeeping and Owner Statements can be a challenge and you would never want to have a poor relationship with your clients. We help ensure your owner statements are ready by 5th of each month and all your money is accounted for. We use standard accounting practices to ensure you continue to run your business smoothly.

  • Setting up QBO for your business
  • Integrating OTAs, PMS and Banks with QBO
  • Managing vendor payments
  • Maintaining all accounts according to International Accounting Standards
  • Preparing Owner Statements every month on the due date
  • Internal Verification of the Cleaning and Vendor Payments
  • Maintaining Profit and Loss statements and other accounting reports
  • Tax Submission if available online

Website Development

If you’re just starting up or manage 100s of properties, you need your own website to promote direct bookings. We use built in PMS booking engine combined with your website to promote your business. This typically includes

  • Develop website to promote property management services
  • Also enable direct bookings via website
  • Integrate booking engine with website
  • Sync Calendars, Payments and all automated messages for direct bookings
Website Development
Direct Booking and Website Marketing

Direct Booking and Website Marketing

Having a website without traffic is a waste of your investment. We provide SEO and Digital Marketing services to ensure you receive direct bookings in addition to the OTA based revenue. This includes:

  • SEO of website to promote properties we manage for you & your property management services
  • Create & Optimize listings on google maps
  • Social Media Organic postings to build brand presence
  • Social Media Ads to attract guests for bookings
  • Google Ads to drive traffic to website

Property Lead Generation for Arbitrage & Investment

Finding new properties for Arbitrage or Investment as well as finding new clients for Property Management services can be a difficult task and we help find and close deals. This usually includes:

  • Providing warm leads for Arbitrage or investment based on provided criteria & neighborhood
  • We will develop warm leads based on certain outreach methods we use
  • You will need to close those deals or we close the deals for you.
Property Lead Generation for Arbitrage & Investment
Property Analysis for Arbitrage, Property Management Services and Investment for STR

Property Analysis for Arbitrage, Property Management Services and Investment for STR

If you’re just entering the STR market, we can help with the following:

  • We will provide estimations for revenue in a particular neighborhood based on criteria provided by you.
  • We will share analysis report that will indicate profitability over arbitrage or investment
  • This service doesn’t include lead generation

Hiring BVPI vs Hiring a VA

Many property managers currently use Virtual Assistants to manage their STR business empire.  However, hiring individuals is far more labor intensive for your on-site team and requires a lot of input and management from you. With BVPI, we provide a one stop solution where you don’t need to micromanage agents and we, the founders of BVPI, work as your Virtual Property Managers ensuring you have one point of contact.

With BVPI, You don’t need to:

– Hire or retrain agents
– Teach us how to get great reviews from guests
– Communicate with the cleaners or handymen
– File claims with Airbnb or other OTAs 

With BVPI, You only need to:

– Implement processes that we recommend
– Install required devices, sensors and systems we recommend
– Pay us on time


At BVPI, we are technology enthusiasts! We love working with systems that provide value and increase ROI.

PMS and Multi Calendar Sync

PMS and Multi Calendar Sync

We use state of the art PMS and customize it to best of our needs. It syncs across all booking channels to offer a seamless experience.

Smart locks

Smart locks

We work with industry standard Yale and Schlage locks and connect them with PMS to provide automated experience

Noise Monitoring

Noise Monitoring

To respect the neighborhood, we use noise monitoring systems to avoid parties or unwanted disturbance for the neighbors.

Dynamic Pricing bundled with manual review

Dynamic Pricing bundled with manual review

We use a revenue driven approach to maximize revenue and occupancy of the property during peak and slow seasons. We also use some strategies to make sure you rank at the top of the search results on the booking channels.

Guest Books

Guest Books

We specialize in delivering exceptional guest experiences and use tools to offer guest books that not only help with returning guests but also provide additional amenities that we upsell during their stay to increase your revenue.

Cleaning Management Software

Cleaning Management Software

Property Turnover is one of the most important aspects of short term rentals and we use industry best practices and software to make sure cleaning is done right and property is ready before next check-in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

BVPI not only works with property owners offering full suite management solution but also provides back-office support services to property managers and management companies. We sign a non-compete agreement with our clients for their security and provide support services that are specifically designed to help maintain 5 star ratings and top quality support.

You can add us as a co-host to your Airbnb Account however, for PMS, we strongly recommend using our system because we want to make sure we provide you top quality services and it is only possible if you follow our system.

Yes, we work hard towards achieving superhost status of your airbnb host account. Our team is well trained and understand the processes. We work closely with Airbnb Support team to help resolve any issues and avoid penalties or negative reviews.

We believe in processes that help avoid an issue rather than fixing an issue when it happens. This means that we make sure PMS is configured property, all important configuration is in place on Airbnb and other platforms as well as we work closely with the cleaning & maintenance teams to ensure issues are resolved before guests find it. This not only helps maintain a high level of satisfaction for the guests but also helps maintain a hassle free business operation.

We use slack for client and vendor communication. We are also comfortable with Whatsapp and emails, however, using slack is our first priority.

With vacation rental business, we understand emergencies happens and our 24/7 team responds quickly when an issue happens. It can either be a problem during check-in, or the AC stops working during the stay or can be a plumbing issue. Nevertheless, we have contractors available to pay a visit if needed during holidays and after hours as well.

We are not cheap because we want to offer the best service however, we offer market competitive prices. Our onsite and backoffice teams are very actively engaged in the business and help deliver the best outcome.

BVPI is owned and operated by two business partners, Sylvia the CEO of the company is local to California and has vast experience in the long term and short term rental management as well as the offshore operations partner Moonis has several years of experience handling backoffice operations for STR businesses all around the world including US, Canada, Germany, Spain and Australia.

You will have direct contact with both partners via phone, text and email.

In addition, we have a 24/7 Client Success Team that is available to answer any queries or concerns you may have.

Our onboarding process usually takes about 2 weeks and includes 2-3 zoom meetings to help ensure we have all the right information and processes in place. We carefully review your listings and existing processes to adapt and provide valuable suggestions. We also connect your listings with our PMS and do all the configuration.