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In California’s bustling hospitality scene, property owners rely on effective Airbnb management services for success. Bella Vista Properties International offers expert solutions tailored to California’s diverse demands, ensuring your property shines in the competitive marketplace.

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Our Solutions Include

Listing optimization

We ensure your property stands out with carefully crafted titles, descriptions, and high-quality photography, along with competitive pricing strategies.

Guest communication and booking management

Establish long-lasting connections through prompt and professional responses to guest inquiries. Our skilled reservation management team ensures a smooth booking process, from efficient check-ins to coordinated checkouts, guaranteeing guest satisfaction.

Property maintenance and housekeeping

Experience hassle-free hosting with our comprehensive maintenance and cleaning services. From prompt repair tasks to ensuring essential supplies for hosts and guests, we aim to provide a straightforward and convenient service to keep your property in optimal condition.

Dynamic pricing strategies

Stay ahead of the market with tailored dynamic pricing strategies that respond to California's trends and seasonal demands. Our talented team optimizes and adjusts rates during special events, ensuring your property remains profitable throughout the year.

Unit Property Onboarding Services

Why Choose Bella Vista Properties International?

  • Expertise in California Hospitality: Our seasoned team understands the local dynamics, ensuring customized services that lead to success.
  • Proven Success Stories: Explore testimonials and success stories from satisfied clients, showcasing our dedication and tangible results.
  • Transparent Pricing: Clear and comprehensive pricing with no hidden fees, tailored service plans, and flexible options to suit your needs.

Areas We Serve

We proudly serve California, focusing on Los Angeles and San Diego, offering tailored solutions for every property, whether in the city or along the coast.

Getting Started with BVPI

  • Onboarding Process: Begin with an informal consultation to align our services with your goals.


  • Property Assessment: Our team conducts a thorough assessment to understand your property’s unique features and potential.


  • Customized Management Plans: Receive personalized management plans tailored to your property type for a rewarding hosting experience.

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