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Our STR Management Solutions include:

Property listing optimization

We enhance your property's visibility with compelling titles and descriptions, complemented by professional photography services. Our strategic pricing analysis ensures competitive rates for short-term rentals, maximizing returns.

Guest communication and booking management

We prioritize prompt responses to inquiries and concerns, ensuring seamless booking processes from initial inquiry to check-out. Our efficient procedures enhance guest satisfaction and bolster your property's reputation.

Property maintenance and housekeeping

Our experts ensure your property maintains its appeal through regular cleanings and rapid resolution of any maintenance issues. Positive reviews and repeat bookings are our priority.

Dynamic pricing strategies

We adapt your pricing to market trends and seasonal demand, ensuring cost-competitive rates year-round. From holiday adjustments to maximizing short-term rental income, our goal is your financial success.

Unit Property Onboarding Services

Guest Satisfaction and Reviews

At Bella Vista Properties International, we prioritize guest satisfaction throughout their entire stay. Our team anticipates and fulfills guests’ needs with dedicated staff and transparent communication from their initial inquiry onwards.

We transparently manage guest feedback, identifying specific areas for improvement. This commitment ensures that your property stands out in the competitive short-term rental market, making repeat bookings readily attainable.

Legal Compliance and Regulations in Austin

At the core of our property management approach in Austin is a commitment to legal compliance. We stay informed about regulatory changes through industry updates, legal seminars, and communication with local authorities. This ensures that your property adheres to relevant laws and tax obligations without encountering legal issues.


We efficiently oversee permits and licenses, streamlining application and renewal processes through our extensive network. By ensuring that your property operates within legal parameters, we provide you with peace of mind.

Occupancy and Revenue Management

Technology Integration

At Bella Vista Properties International, we leverage cutting-edge property management software to streamline operations, from booking management to financial tracking. This approach provides real-time insights and enhances communication among you, our team, and your property’s guests.


Additionally, we strategically utilize online booking platforms and channel management to expand your property’s reach across diverse platforms, attracting new guests while optimizing its presence.


We prioritize secure online transactions and data protection protocols to safeguard both guests and properties. By integrating technology at every turn, we ensure an efficient and secure short-term rental experience for you and your guests.

Why Choose BVPI for Short-Term Rentals in Austin?

  • Extensive experience
    Our seasoned team brings vast expertise in Austin short-term rental management, including knowledge of the local market,
    legal compliance, and guest preferences. We proactively anticipate challenges and capitalize on opportunities to ensure
    your property stands out.


  • Testimonials and success stories
    Explore firsthand success stories from satisfied clients on our website. These testimonials highlight our commitment to
    delivering outstanding results and positive experiences.


  • Transparent pricing and flexible plans
    Tailored service plans offer flexibility and customization based on your needs. Transparent pricing structures ensure
    clear understanding and value in our management solutions.
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Getting Started with BVPI is Simple

  • Onboarding process
    Our streamlined onboarding process for short-term rental management in Austin provides essential information, addresses queries, and establishes open lines of communication. From completing paperwork to meeting our team, we ensure a smooth transition to our collaborative partnership.


  • Initial consultation and property assessment
    During our initial consultation, we delve into your property’s goals, expectations, and preferences. Our experienced team conducts a comprehensive property analysis to identify opportunities for enhancement or optimization, maximizing your property’s potential for success.


  • Customized management plans
    Following the assessment, we craft bespoke management plans tailored to different property types. Whether you own a single-unit residence, a multi-property portfolio, or a vacation rental, our adaptable plans offer the flexibility to choose the support and services that align with your unique needs and objectives.

Areas We Serve

We serve key Texas regions, including Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Dallas and all neighboring locations to these cities.

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While it’s possible to independently manage a short-term rental property, professional property management services bring expertise in marketing, guest communication, legal compliance, and maintenance. This allows owners to focus on other aspects of their investment.

Short-term rental management involves renting out properties for short periods, typically days or weeks, primarily for vacations. Long-term rental management entails leasing properties over longer tenancies, such as months or years, for extended housing solutions.

Our security measures include advanced access systems, surveillance tools, and rapid response protocols in emergencies. These measures create a safe environment that builds guest confidence and offers property owners peace of mind.